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I'll have a slice of Irish Cream Cheesecake!

Irish Cream Cheesecake takes the cheesecake to another level! This cheesecake has all the bells and whistles of a traditional cheesecake with the wonderful addition of Irish cream. Irish cream is made with Irish whisky and other flavors as heavy cream, chocolate, vanilla and coffee. The Irish Cream for this cheesecake was homemade and yes you can make it at home. I have a recipe for Irish Cream in my Irish Cream Cheesecake YouTube video. 

The taste and texture of this cheesecake is rich, creamy and full of flavor. As a finishing touch, it is topped with dark chocolate shavings and compliments the overall flavor of this Irish cream cheesecake. The crust is make with tea biscuits, butter and light brown sugar and I particular relish its subtle yet complementary presence in this cheesecake. People often ask me whether you can actually taste the Irish cream and my answer is Yes! The presence of the Irish cream is what really makes this cheesecake so delicious! I also like to garnish/dress the serving plate with Irish cream for each individual serving just in case you would like more of the Irish cream flavor. 

I encourage you to try this recipe for Irish Cream Cheesecake as I am sure that your guests at your next dinner party or event with definitely with provide rave reviews on how delicious this cheesecake really is. Feel free to provide any comments or questions you may have as I looking for to reading and responding to them. Happy Baking!