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A piece of Apple Bundt Cake a day...

I just love apples! I can't think of a better way to celebrate the delicious flavors of apple

than to make an Apple Bundt Cake. I have chosen Granny Smith apples for this recipe

as they are tart yet sweet and stand up to the bold and delicious spices found in apple recipes. Whether you choose a Granny Smith apple or any other apple (there are some delicious apples out there too) I am sure your Apple Bundt cake will turn out delicious.

I was blessed to find apple pie spice at my local farmer's market the other day. If you can't find apple pie spice just, add allspice and ground cloves to the recipe. I love using Bundt pans when baking cakes as their designs and shapes are so recognizable world wide and when you see a Bundt you know what it is immediately. Bundt cake pans originated in the 1950's and some of the original Bundt cake pans can be found on display in the Smithsonian collection.

This Apple Bundt Cake is topped with an apple glaze that includes butter, brown sugar, apple flavoring and Apple Brandy. The apple glaze compliments the flavors and textures of this cake in an amazing way. I particularly like including spirits/liquors in my baked goods as they elevate the overall flavor profile of many sweet treats and savory eats.

There are a variety of Bundt cake pans available on the market and many styles can be found in your local retailers and online. Chances are you probably have one or more in your kitchen cabinets and I know you can't wait to retrieve one and get started on making this Apple Bundt Cake! I encourage you to try this recipe as the flavors and spices in this cake are sure to place a smile on your face and as well as your family and friends. Happy Baking! You got this!

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