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Baked Beans Southern Style for your next Cookout!

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Summer is here! The weather is nice and warm and you are planning your cookout! Whether you are serving barbeque, hamburgers, steak, or chicken, no cookout menu is complete without baked beans. Baked Beans Southern Style are so delicious and easy to make you will add them to every cookout or meal for years to come. Southern style baked beans have pork bacon , hickory- smoked barbeque sauce, and brown sugar added as well as beans, ground beef, onions and garlic. These combination of ingredients creates a southern-inspired flavor profile second to none!

My perfect cookout menu included barbecue pork ribs, grilled chicken, grilled sausage and Brunswick stew. My side dishes include baked beans southern style (of course), potato salad, coleslaw, and grilled corn on the cob! The only thing missing are family, good friends and good music. Make sure to have plenty of baked beans southern style as they do go fast and my recipe portion is a good size. It should feed 10-12 people.

My recipe for baked beans southern style only requires a few ingredients. Most items you probably have on hand in your pantry, freezer or refrigerator. Preparation is quick and easy and in about an hour they will be ready to serve to your guests. Summer is here and the warm weather sets a perfect scene for your next cookout, party or event. Bring along these baked beans southern style and your guests/family will be delighted!

Please leave any comments, questions, suggestions about these wonderful baked beans and your cookout menu list as I look forward to reading and responding back to them! Happy Baking!

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