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Baked Spaghetti

Baked Spaghetti is a delicious, easy and full of cheese dinner everyone will enjoy. Packed with traditional spaghetti, mozzarella cheese and the most delicious mushroom meat sauce, this baked spaghetti is sure to create conversation at the dinner table. The layers of melted mozzarella cheese between the spaghetti and meat sauce is baked to ultimate perfection in only minutes!

Spaghetti actually originated in China and Marco Polo first introduced it to Venice, Italy. Spaghetti was originally made from rice flour (China) and later made from hard wheat after arriving in Italy. Marinara sauce was developed in southern Italy and many of the spaghetti sauces we enjoy today are derived from marinara sauces.

My mom would have a box of spaghetti on the counter along with a package of ground beef and tomatoes and I remember staring at it as I knew just in a few minutes she would be plating some delicious goodness at the dinner table. I would rush to the refrigerator in anticipation of grabbing a container of parmesan cheese and of course, it was there and I headed back to the dinner table for everyone to share. Grated parmesan cheese was the final accompaniment to an already spectacular dish.

Served with salad and your favorite bread, this one meal you don't want to miss. Each serving is topped with chopped flat-leaf parsley and grated parmesan cheese and served up hot out of the oven! Baked Spaghetti is great dish to serve at least one night out of the week. Feel free to use your favorite cheese in this recipe. I encourage you to try this recipe as I am sure you will make it again and again.

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