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Banana Cheesecake w/ Caramel Topping

Banana Cheesecake with caramel topping? Yes! I go "bananas" for banana cheesecake.

The caramel topping (with a hint of salt) is a great compliment to this unique and delicious cheesecake. And yes, " real" bananas are a main ingredient along with the right amount of nutmeg creates the magic. I have always loved bananas and remember slicing and placing them inside my cereal or enjoying a banana split filled with them. Even as an adult I still enjoy bananas and I make an effort to find ways include them in various recipes I create.

This banana cheesecake also has "star" quality due to its rich flavor and creamy texture of a traditional cheesecake paired with the delicious bananas delicately supported by the slight crunchy texture of its crust. When bananas are pureed (as in this recipe) they take on a wonderful texture that blends well with cream cheese, sugar, eggs and other flavorful ingredients. All of these ingredients combined makes for a superior balance of flavors and one great cheesecake flavor profile that is sure to please any cheesecake enthusiast.

If one slice is not enough enjoy the whole cheesecake. Feel free to experiment with toppings

for this cheesecake. I chose a caramel topping but a chocolate, butterscotch, English toffee or even a praline topping would be spectacular! Please post any thoughts below and let me know what toppings you choose when trying this recipe. I look forward to reading and responding to any of your questions, comments or suggestions.

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