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Lemon Cream Cheese Cookies

As the weather gets warmer and our cabin fever wears off its always a good idea to get outdoors or even sit on the back patio or deck. Bring along a few Lemon Cream Cheese Cookies on a plate or a linen-lined basket and a cup of coffee or tea. The citrus flavor of lemon and the light addition of cream cheese makes one good cookie!

The cream cheese in this lemon cookie recipe ensure a soft chewy interior while maintaining a firm exterior and slight crunch. I prefer to chill these cookies slightly before serving as the flavor profile of these lemon cream cheese cookies is enhanced as they chill. The slight sprinkling of granulated sugar right before baking acts as a flavor and outer texture enhancer creating magic for the eye and the palate.

Lemons are an extremely versatile citrus as they are widely used in culinary and often utilized for other non-culinary purposed as well. It is widely believed that Christopher Columbus introduced this citrus (via lemon seeds) to the Americas during his many voyages.

They have an abundance of Vitamin C and the outer layer of the lemon (zest) is packed with essential oils and are often used in aromatherapy sessions. I particularly relish the lemon scent that fills the house while these cookies are baking. That scent is so welcoming as well as reassuring and lingers throughout the air for hours.

During your next visit to the market or grocery store, grab a few lemons and a packet of cream cream and try this recipe. These lemon cream cheese cookies are sure to be a crowd pleaser and conversation starter!

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