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Mandarin Orange Spice Cake just in time for summer..

Updated: May 2

Summer is in full swing and the weather is warmer. Mandarin Orange Spice cake is a great way to entertain your friends, guests and family at your next gathering. This cake is light, flavored with the right amount of spices, and carries a brightness with Mandarin oranges.

Mandarin Orange Spice Cake is one of those delicious cakes to enjoy while having a cup of coffee/tea or a glass of cold milk. I particularly relish sitting on my back deck with a slice of this amazing cake with a cup of tea. This Mandarin Orange Spice Cake is baked to perfection in only minutes. Mandarin oranges contain vital nutrients essential for a healthy immune system. The bright citrus flavor is second to none and pairs well with salads and of course, desserts.

The Mascarpone cream is a great topping for this cake along with Mandarin orange slices. I encourage you to head to the kitchen, its your turn to create this delicious Mandarin Orange Spice Cake for your guests, friends, and family. Click the picture below to go to my YouTube channel and watch the video on how to create this amazing and delicious cake in your own kitchen. Happy baking!

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