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Orange Banana Nut Bread is a homerun!

Everybody loves banana nut bread. Orange and Banana Nut Bread goes above and beyond with flavor. The wonderful taste of banana paired with the citrus tang of the orange is amazing. Even though these two fruits have different nutrient profiles, when paired together in baked goods they compliment each other extremely well. Bananas (ripened) are a great way to sweeten baked goods due to their sugar content as well as serve as a binding agent in baking. Oranges have a bold, citrus flavor and can be easily distinguished as a prominent flavor in most baked items.

I particularly love this orange banana nut bread because of its amazing flavor and texture. One bite of this bread and my taste buds are having a party! First I get the magnificent flavor of the bananas but only a few seconds later and on the back end of the taste, the orange flavor makes itself known as a prominent player in this game of flavors. And let's not forget the added crunch provided by the walnuts in this bread. Feel free to substitute pecans or almonds in this cake as they will work just as well as the walnuts.

I particularly relish the opportunity to grab a slice or two of this amazing orange banana nut bread, along with a cup of hot tea and the morning newspaper and sit out on my deck. What a great way to start the day as most days are full of errands, tasks and other things listed on my agenda for the day. And who knows I may have another slice for an after dinner snack before retiring for the day.

The recipe is very simple and only requires a few ingredients. Most of the ingredients you probably already have in pantry and/or refrigerator. Ripe bananas are strongly recommended for this recipe and feel free to use any type of orange you would like for this recipe. I prefer navel oranges as they are really sweet, juicy and the zest from these oranges are incredible in the bread.

I encourage you to try this recipe as you will be amazed at out easy this orange banana nut bread is to make. If you are a banana nut bread fan then welcome another member of the team this orange banana nut bread. Both breads are homerun stars and I am sure your friends and family will enjoy the fresh and bold flavors of oranges, bananas and walnuts in this wonderful baked treat. You got this! Happy Baking!

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