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Orange Cookies for a taste of citrus.

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Oranges are also one of my favorite citrus fruits as they are rich in vitamins and other nutrients essential for a healthy diet. These Orange Cookies are made with traditional cookies ingredients along with fresh squeezed orange juice and orange zest. The outer portion of the cookie have a nice and firm texture and the center is slightly soft and chewy.

Orange Cookies are a great sweet treat during the spring/summer season. I particular relish the refreshing taste of citrus as the weather gets warmer. I find myself spending more time on my back patio taking in some essential sun rays and enjoying the warm breeze. A full tray of orange cookies are always with me along with a glass of ice tea or cold milk. I always bring extra cookies as I never know if an unexpected but surely welcomed guest might appear for a visit.

Time is of the essence as the sun only sticks around for a few hours so I need a sweet treat that is quick and easy to make. Orange cookies have very few ingredients and most items you probably have on hand in the pantry or refrigerator. These cookies can join you at your favorite relaxing spot in a matter of minutes.

Spring is definitely here and I encourage you to make this recipe! Please post any comments, suggestions, and questions you may have as I look forward to reading and responding to them. Happy baking!

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