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Spice up your snack with Jalapeno Sea Salt Pretzels!

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Everybody loves a nice satisfying snack in the afternoon or late evening. Why not spice up your snack with a Jalapeno Sea Salt Pretzel! These pretzels have a soft, tender interior surrounded by a subtle chewy outer texture. Just like a pretzel should be! The spicy flavor profile comes from the addition of Jalapenos and with a hint of sea salt. This flavor combination ensures a very tasty and satisfying pretzel consuming experience.

You might be asking yourself, "Can I really make pretzels?" My answer is "yes" and with this recipe you will be enjoying these Jalapeno Sea Salt Pretzel in no time. There are only a few ingredients and my recipe makes it very simple and easy. Pretzels have become well loved in popular culture and a widely consumed snack and household food staple. I enjoy mine with spicy, grainy mustard along with a soda pop. I often see people enjoying them with a cold beer or lager!

The process of making the pretzel shape is relatively easy. Just take a piece of pretzel dough, roll it out on a surface to 16 inches in length. Form a "U" shape facing towards yourself, then twist the two ends (in your hands) two times. Bring the twist away from you towards the top of the pretzel and press the ends firmly onto the top end of the pretzel. Make sure they adhere to the top of the pretzel! It's that easy! If I can do it, you can do it too! Follow my recipe and before you know it you will be a pretzel-making pro!

Please leave any comments, questions or suggestions you may have as I look forward to reading and responding to them. I am looking forward to reading how spicy your Jalapeno Sea Salt pretzels came out and how great they taste and look. Happy Baking!

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